YouTube Music Introduces Offline Downloads for Desktop Users

YouTube Music has recently launched a new feature that allows desktop users to download music for offline listening, expanding its previous mobile-only capability. This update brings greater convenience to users who prefer accessing music through the website rather than the mobile app. Now, users can enjoy their favorite tracks without needing an active internet connection, enhancing flexibility in how they consume music.

Initially reported by 9to5Google, the rollout of offline downloads for desktop users has been confirmed, with users now able to download music directly from the YouTube Music website. Upon visiting the site, a notification stating “New! Download music to listen offline” appears beside the Library tab in the sidebar. Clicking on the Downloads tab within the Library layout allows users to access their downloaded content.

Users can download individual tracks, entire albums, playlists, or podcasts, mirroring the functionality available on the YouTube Music mobile app. To initiate a download, users simply need to click on the download button, and a “Downloading” indicator will appear in the bottom left corner of the screen. Once the download is complete, the file can be found under the Downloads tab.

It’s worth noting that downloaded content remains accessible as long as the device has an active internet connection at least once every 30 days, aligning with the requirements of the mobile application. Additionally, YouTube Music is also reportedly introducing the Song search feature from the YouTube mobile app to its platform, allowing users to find songs by humming or singing a tune.

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