Decrease in Milk Storage: Milma Faces Challenges Amid Rising Temperatures

The soaring temperatures in the state have begun to take a toll on milk production, leading to a significant decrease in Milma’s daily milk storage. According to data for February 2024, there has been an 11.35% reduction in daily milk storage compared to the previous year.

To address this crisis, the dairy development department and Milma are collaborating on various projects. Measures such as providing fodder at subsidized rates have been initiated, but finding a sustainable solution remains a challenge.

In response to the climate change challenges affecting dairy farming, Milma has introduced an insurance scheme. Under this scheme, dairy farmers will receive insurance payouts for each cattle they own if the temperature in their taluk exceeds the average recorded temperature of the district. This initiative aims to support farmers during the harsh summer months and is rolled out annually in March and April.

The decrease in milk storage is attributed to multiple factors, including the surge in domestic sales during the season of marriages and temple festivals. Additionally, rising production costs and a decline in the number of dairy farmers further compound the challenges faced by Milma.

K S Mani, Chairman of Milma, acknowledges these challenges and emphasizes the need for concerted efforts to address them effectively.

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