Kerala CM Urges Doordarshan to Withdraw Screening of ‘The Kerala Story’

Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has strongly condemned Doordarshan’s decision to telecast “The Kerala Story” and has called for the public broadcaster to withdraw the screening of the controversial movie. Vijayan stated that airing the film would only worsen communal tensions ahead of the Lok Sabha polls and urged Doordarshan not to become a mouthpiece for the BJP and the RSS.

Vijayan expressed his disapproval via a social media post, criticizing the decision to broadcast a film that incites polarization. He emphasized Kerala’s firm stance against such attempts to sow hatred and division.

The ruling CPI(M) also voiced its objection to the screening of the movie, urging Doordarshan to reconsider its decision. The party denounced Doordarshan’s alignment with the BJP’s alleged agenda to polarize Kerala’s secular society.

The controversial film, “The Kerala Story,” has faced opposition since its release, with allegations of misinformation and attempts to stoke communal tensions. Despite protests and legal challenges, the Kerala High Court had previously allowed its release, stating that the film did not contain anything offensive to any particular community.

The BJP’s involvement in promoting the movie ahead of the elections has drawn criticism from opposition parties, who view it as a move to further their political interests in the state.

Overall, the decision to air “The Kerala Story” on Doordarshan has sparked controversy and raised concerns about its potential impact on communal harmony in Kerala.

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