State’s Electricity Consumption Hits Record High: Voltage Shortages Persist

Electricity consumption in the state is reaching new records daily. A total of 107.7674 million units of electricity was consumed during the 24 hours ending yesterday morning, marking an all-time high. Of this, 83.1204 million units were imported.

During the peak period, 5359 MW of electricity was consumed in the state, surpassing the previous maximum of 5301 MW recorded last month. On Tuesday, 106.8882 million units were used in the state. With the surge in electricity consumption, production in hydropower projects, including Idukki, has increased. The Moolamattom Powerhouse has boosted production by 8.876 million units of electricity yesterday.

Last week, electricity consumption surpassed 104 lakh units, breaking the all-time record. Consumption peaks late at night with high levels persisting until 2 am. However, this surge in consumption has led to severe voltage shortages in many areas.

The water level in Idukki Dam, the largest hydroelectric project in the state, has dropped to 44 percent with the current reservoir level at 2347.44 feet. As power generation increases, water levels are declining rapidly. KSEB’s reservoirs currently hold 45 percent of their capacity with 1847.203 million units of water remaining for electricity generation.

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