WhatsApp Testing Link Privacy Feature; Working on Picture-in-Picture Support on iOS: Reports

WhatsApp is reportedly rolling out a new privacy feature that allows users to control the privacy level of shared links in their chats. While not officially announced yet, the feature has been spotted on beta testing accounts. Additionally, the messaging platform is said to be developing a picture-in-picture video viewing feature for iOS.

According to reports, WhatsApp has begun testing a link privacy feature with select beta testers. This feature enables users to disable link previews, preventing any thumbnail previews or other data related to the link from being displayed. This not only helps in decluttering chats but also prevents data leaks and enhances privacy. The feature can be accessed under the “Disable link previews” option in WhatsApp’s settings menu.

In parallel, WhatsApp is said to be working on a picture-in-picture video viewing feature for iOS. This feature will allow users to watch videos shared by contacts within the app in a separate picture-in-picture window, similar to how it works for YouTube and Instagram videos shared on WhatsApp. However, this feature is still in development and not yet available even for beta testers, suggesting it may not be released publicly in the near future.

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