Surging Airfares: Expatriates Face Skyrocketing Prices for Eid Holidays to Kerala

Expatriates in the Gulf region are facing a daunting challenge as airfare prices to Kerala soar to unprecedented levels ahead of the Eid Al Fitr holidays. With the UAE announcing a week-long break for the festivities, coupled with the closure of schools in Kerala for summer vacation, demand for flights has surged dramatically.

Until recently, a one-way ticket from Dubai to Kochi could be secured for AED 400 (approximately Rs 9096). However, in the wake of increased demand, prices have skyrocketed to AED 1200 (approximately Rs 27,289), nearly tripling the cost. Even connecting flights via other countries have seen steep price hikes, leaving expatriates worried about the affordability of their travel plans.

The situation has left many expatriates concerned about their ability to visit their homeland for Eid and Vishu celebrations. With airfares becoming prohibitively expensive, dreams of reuniting with family and friends during the holidays are at risk of being dashed.

The surge in airfare prices is not limited to flights to Kerala alone. Travel to the UAE has also become more expensive as tourists flock to the country to celebrate Eid Al Fitr. Hotel rooms have seen a sudden increase in prices, further adding to the financial strain on travelers.

Despite the challenges, some individuals who are unable to travel to Kerala are opting for short trips to foreign countries instead. The bustling airports in the UAE reflect the global influx of tourists and travelers taking advantage of the extended Eid break.

Overall, the soaring airfare prices have cast a shadow over the holiday plans of expatriates, prompting many to reconsider their travel options and expenses during this festive season.

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