Air India Express Expands Flight Operations from Kerala for Holidays

Air India Express has made an announcement regarding the expansion of flight services from Kerala during the holiday season. The decision entails the operation of additional flights, predominantly catering to both domestic and international routes, from four key airports in the state. As part of this initiative to enhance service offerings, Air India Express plans to introduce three new aircraft every month.

Initially, Air India Express operated 93 weekly services from Kochi Airport, a number that has now been augmented to 104. Alongside existing routes, new services have been inaugurated to destinations such as Bahrain and Dammam, complementing the airline’s operations to Gulf countries. Furthermore, additional flights have been introduced to Hyderabad and Kolkata from Kochi Airport.

Similarly, at Kozhikode Airport, Air India Express has boosted its weekly services from 77 to 87. The airline has initiated new routes from Kozhikode to destinations including Ras Al Khaimah, Dammam, and Bengaluru. Additionally, Air India Express is set to commence 12 supplementary services from Kannur Airport, further enhancing connectivity options for travelers.

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