Protecting Wheat Fields: Advisory Issued by Agriculture Experts

In a bid to safeguard wheat fields from potential fires, the Agriculture Department has issued a crucial advisory for wheat growers, urging them to take proactive measures to protect their standing crops. With the dry wheat fields being particularly susceptible to fires, the department emphasized the importance of ensuring that no fires are lit near the fields.

The advisory specifically highlights the risk posed by even a single spark from activities such as smoking bidis or cigarettes in the fields. Agriculture experts have cautioned that such sparks, combined with the dry conditions, can quickly escalate into devastating fires, endangering the entire crop.

Furthermore, the advisory draws attention to the potential fire hazards associated with agricultural machinery. Experts have revealed that sparks produced by agricultural machinery, especially those arising from grinding parts, can ignite fires in the fields. To mitigate this risk, farmers are advised to take preventive measures such as reducing friction in the grinding parts and applying grease to machinery components prone to sparking.

In addition to addressing machinery-related risks, the advisory also underscores the importance of electrical safety in agricultural fields. Farmers are urged to switch off electricity transformers in their fields to prevent any potential short circuits that could lead to fires. Given that irrigation needs are relatively low during this period, the temporary shutdown of transformers supplying power to tube wells is deemed a feasible precautionary measure.

Overall, the advisory serves as a timely reminder for wheat growers to remain vigilant and implement proactive measures to protect their valuable crops from the threat of fires. By adhering to the recommended safety precautions and exercising caution in their agricultural practices, farmers can minimize the risk of fire-related losses and safeguard their livelihoods.

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