Gold Prices Hit Record-High: Rs 52,520 per Sovereign in Kerala

Gold prices continued their upward trend on Monday, maintaining the record-high levels they reached in March. In the latest update, the price of 22 carat gold rose by Rs 30 to reach Rs 6,565 per gram. Similarly, the price of one sovereign (equivalent to 8 grams) of 22 carat gold increased by Rs 240, reaching Rs 52,520. Meanwhile, the price of 24 carat gold also saw an uptick, rising by Rs 33 to Rs 7,162 per gram.

Notably, gold prices in Kerala surged past the half-a-lakh rupee mark for the first time in March, marking a historic milestone. Over the span of just one year, the price of one sovereign of gold has escalated by over Rs 10,000. The determination of gold prices takes into account various factors including the international price of gold, the dollar-rupee exchange rate, and import duties.

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