Kerala Braces for Heatwave as ‘El Nino’ Grips the Region; Showers Expected for Relief

Kerala is currently grappling with a heatwave induced by the ‘El Nino’ phenomenon, marking the region’s most intense heat spell in eight years. According to forecasts by the Indian Meteorological Department, temperatures are set to surge until Thursday, exacerbating the already scorching conditions. While isolated showers are expected to provide temporary relief in the evenings, districts across the state are bracing for exceptionally high temperatures ranging from 36 to 41 degrees Celsius. Notably, Palakkad stands on the brink of a heatwave scenario, with temperatures surpassing 40 degrees for three consecutive days, reminiscent of the 2016 El Nino event.

Amidst the heatwave, Kerala is also witnessing record-breaking power consumption, with electricity usage hitting an all-time high. The state, faced with surging electricity demand, has resorted to purchasing power from external sources to meet the soaring energy requirements. To mitigate the strain on the power grid, authorities have issued advisories urging caution in electricity usage, particularly during peak hours. Additionally, the Kerala State Electricity Board has emphasized the importance of avoiding the charging of electric vehicles during nighttime, as it could overload transformers and lead to widespread power outages. With temperatures soaring and power consumption peaking, Kerala residents are urged to adopt prudent energy-saving measures to alleviate the strain on the state’s infrastructure.

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