Shortage of Subsidised Food Items Hits Supplyco Outlets Ahead of Vishu

As the festive season of Vishu approaches, Supplyco outlets in Kerala are facing a challenging situation with a shortage of subsidised food items. Despite government efforts to ensure adequate supply by raising prices on subsidised products, suppliers have shown limited interest in distribution, exacerbating the scarcity. Out of the 13 subsidised products typically available, only five or six are currently accessible in Supplyco outlets, leading to concerns among consumers and authorities alike.

Sources within the Food Department revealed that efforts are underway to replenish stocks and ensure all subsidised products reach the retail outlets ahead of Vishu. However, delays have been encountered, particularly with essential items like sugar and toor dhal, which are sourced from Maharashtra and Karnataka. Challenges in awarding supply contracts due to inflated prices in tenders have further complicated the situation, prompting the government to take corrective action to resolve the shortage issue before the upcoming festivities.

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