Designing Your Dream Home: Essential Tips for Tailoring it to Your Lifestyle

Building a home of one’s own is probably the biggest dream of every common man in India. However, having a clear idea about your needs, preferences, and lifestyle is important before scheduling a meeting with an architect. Matters like the area of the house in square feet, number of floors, number of required rooms and spaces, and the size of the kitchen should be decided only after consulting with your family members.

The children in the family too could be made part of these conversations as they too may have ideas of their own, especially about the kids’ room, bathroom, and study area. Do not forget to note down the things that need to be added or omitted during construction.

Each house should be uniquely designed to suit the lifestyle and daily habits of the family members. So, the family members should have proper ideas about such things while communicating with the architect. There is no need for hesitation while expressing your demands as you are the one who are going to live in that house. Moreover, the owner who spent the money should be able to receive maximum returns.

Those who believe in the rules of Vastu should let the architect know in the beginning itself, as making last-minute design changes would lead to loss of money and time. Sometimes, the position of the windows, doors, or some walls may have to be changed or even the house itself should face a different direction. So, it is better to take a Vastu consultation way before the construction begins to avoid tearing down already constructed areas.

You could estimate the size of the rooms by comparing it to the size of the spaces in your current home. For instance, in case you need a 10 x 10 sized bedroom, you could measure the bedroom that you currently use, with a tape, to understand the difference.

Reasonable demands

Some people might wish for a spacious veranda in their house. However, it wouldn’t be possible if the house has an area of 2000 sqft as per the plan. Adding a veranda would increase the space of the house. Besides, in modern households, both couples may be employed. So, it would be a hassle for them to clean and maintain the house properly.

Meanwhile, the homes of those who lead an active social life, like a politician, would always have visitors. So, spacious verandas and sit-outs are required only in such cases. Quaint sit-outs are enough for small families.

Similarly, building an additional guest room would be a waste of money and space if you host guests only once or twice a year. Utility should be the main factor to be considered while designing the home as it would also help keep a tab on the expenses. You could build multipurpose rooms that serve as guest-room and utility spaces. Do not forget to furnish these spaces with multipurpose furniture too.

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