Flour Millers’ Survey Forecasts Increase in Wheat Production

A recent survey commissioned by the Roller Flour Millers’ Federation of India suggests a promising outlook for India’s wheat production in the ongoing 2024-25 crop marketing year. Projections indicate a 3% rise compared to the previous year, reaching an estimated total of 105.79 million tonnes. This forecast, however, diverges from the Central government’s projections, which anticipate a slightly higher yield of around 112.04 million tonnes for the same period.

Conducted by Agriwatch across nine states and 84 districts, the survey indicates a 1% increase in overall wheat acreage compared to last year. Moreover, average yields have shown a nearly 2% improvement, contributing to the optimism surrounding this year’s crop. While certain states such as Maharashtra, Rajasthan, and Gujarat witnessed a decline in wheat acreage, regions like Haryana and Uttar Pradesh observed an increase. Meanwhile, the government’s wheat procurement efforts for the season have commenced robustly, with the Food Corporation of India already securing around 1 million tonnes of wheat in the initial days, signaling a proactive approach to replenishing depleted inventories.

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