High Court Approves Vishu Festive Markets, Warns Against Political Use

The high court on Thursday granted permission to conduct the Ramzan-Vishu festive markets in the state. The High Court order came on the plea of Consumerfed. Justice Devan Ramachandran’s order also directed that the government should not use these festive markets for any kind of election propaganda. The High Court further clarified that the Election Commission has complete freedom to intervene if any violation of the Election Code of Conduct is found in running these festival fairs.

Earlier the government planned to start 250 Vishu-Ramzan markets in the state, but the election commission impeded the move fearing that such high numbers would easily influence the voters. It was at this stage that the Consumerfed approached the high court. The high court instructed the government to not use the Vishu market for publicity stunts nor to do any kind of promotion work or advertising.

The court order came as a relief for the government. The decision was made taking into consideration the interest of the public and also the government had already made the shopping for all the goods needed to start the market. The court later criticized the government and warned to not take advantage of the move. The court later admitted that it would stand alongside the government for anything that would benefit the people.

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