Kerala Courts Temporarily Waive Black Gown Requirement Amid Sweltering Heat

Kerala state courts, acknowledging the challenges posed by the sweltering heat, have temporarily waived the requirement for lawyers to wear black gowns. The High Court passed a resolution allowing lawyers to appear in district courts clad in white shirts and pants instead, effectively exempting them from the traditional black coat and gown attire. This decision, prompted by the Kerala High Court Advocates’ Association’s concerns about the impracticality of black gowns in hot weather, will remain in effect until May 31, providing relief to legal practitioners facing the intense heat.

Meanwhile, the Indian Meteorological Department has issued cautionary alerts in 12 districts of Kerala due to the extreme temperatures. With temperatures exceeding 35 degrees Celsius across the state, except in Wayanad and Idukki districts, a yellow alert has been sounded to warn residents of the scorching heat. As Kerala experiences sweltering conditions both day and night, the waiver of the black gown requirement offers a practical solution for lawyers navigating the oppressive weather while ensuring their professional attire remains appropriate for courtroom proceedings.

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