Heat Alert in 12 Kerala Districts Today; Stay Indoors Advised After 9am

Kerala is currently facing intense heat with temperatures nearing 40 degrees Celsius, persisting even during nighttime, with minimum temperatures hovering around 30 degrees Celsius. As a result, health and weather experts are recommending that people stay indoors as early as 9 am, despite the official advice to avoid direct sun exposure from 11 am onwards. Relief from the scorching heat is not anticipated until at least mid-May.

A yellow alert has been issued for 12 districts on Friday, excluding Idukki and Wayanad, as temperatures are expected to rise 2-4 degrees above normal in the coming days. Palakkad and Thrissur districts are predicted to experience the most severe temperatures. Meteorologists forecast increased summer rainfall starting today, with rain expected in northern districts.

The Kerala Agricultural University advises against agricultural activities between 12 and 3 pm to mitigate the impact of the intense heat, urging farmers to refrain from using chemical pesticides during this period. Crop damage worth Rs 40 crore has been reported due to the ongoing drought, affecting 7,000 farmers across 2,600 hectares of land. Palakkad district is the worst-affected. The university recommends mulching fields with dried coconut husks and crop residues to minimize further damage.

Additionally, the state is facing a looming threat of water scarcity, with water levels in dams and rivers continuing to decline and wells drying up across Kerala. Idukki Dam’s water level stands at a mere 41.28%, while 14 out of 20 dams managed by KSEB and the Irrigation Department hold less than half their capacity. Several pumping stations have ceased operations due to dried-up rivers in areas like Periyar, Bharathapuzha, and Chaliyar, exacerbating the water scarcity issue. Rivers like Pampa, Manimalayar, and Meenachilar have also dried up in multiple locations, compounding the water crisis.

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