MVD Advises Against Carrying Pets on Two-Wheelers

The Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) has issued a social media advisory urging the public to refrain from carrying pets on two-wheelers. The post highlights the potential risks associated with transporting pets on motorcycles and offers guidance on ensuring their safety during travel.

Travelling with pets on two-wheelers poses significant dangers, as animals may jump or fall unexpectedly, leading to severe injuries or fatalities. Moreover, the unpredictable movements of pets can distract the rider and increase the likelihood of accidents on the road.

The MVD emphasizes that pets should only be transported on two-wheelers in unavoidable circumstances. In such cases, specific safety measures must be implemented, including the use of a pet carrier that can be securely attached to the vehicle. Additionally, harnesses or safety straps should be employed to prevent pets from moving inside the carrier while riding. It is crucial to ensure that these restraints are neither too tight nor tangled, and pets should be acclimated to the carrier beforehand to reduce discomfort during travel.

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