Sydney Stabbing Attacker Identified: Joel Cauchi Kills 6 People

Police in Australia have identified the assailant responsible for the stabbing attack that claimed six lives at a busy Sydney shopping center. The attacker, identified as Joel Cauchi, aged 40, carried out the assault at the Westfield Shopping Centre in Bondi Junction. Cauchi was fatally shot by a police officer following the incident.

New South Wales Police confirmed Cauchi’s identity and revealed that he had unspecified mental health issues. Assistant Police Commissioner Anthony Cooke emphasized that the attack was not considered terrorism-related and appeared to be linked to the individual’s mental health struggles.

The attack unfolded on a Saturday afternoon at the bustling shopping center, resulting in the deaths of five women and one man, aged between 20 and 55. Additionally, 12 individuals, including a 9-month-old child whose mother was among the fatalities, were hospitalized.

Footage circulated online depicts chaotic scenes as Cauchi brandished a knife and lunged at shoppers, prompting many to flee in panic. One bystander was seen confronting the attacker on an escalator during the ordeal.

The swift response of a female police officer, who fatally shot Cauchi, was hailed by Prime Minister Anthony Albanese as heroic and instrumental in preventing further casualties. The shopping center, now designated as an active crime scene, remains closed as authorities continue their investigation into the tragic incident.

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