Decline in Kerala Lottery Ticket Sales During Vishu-Ramzan Season

During the Vishu and Ramzan festivals, which coincided on nearby dates, the sale of Kerala State Lottery tickets witnessed a significant decline. Data reveals that sales for a week dropped by Rs 10,72,01,837, with 3.11 lakh tickets remaining unsold.

The most significant drop occurred on Vishu day, with 16,37,675 tickets of the Akshaya lottery unsold. Additionally, 7,13,100 tickets of the Win Win lottery drawn the following day remained unsold. Similarly, 6,75,975 tickets of the Fifty-Fifty lottery and 81,575 tickets of the Karunya lottery drawn on April 10 (Eid Ul Fitr) and the next day remained unsold.

However, all tickets for the Sthree Shakthi and Karunya lotteries drawn on April 9 and April 13, respectively, were sold. Only 3,000 tickets of the Nirmal lottery drawn on April 12 remained unsold.

A total of 87,72,000 Fifty-Fifty lottery tickets, each costing Rs 50, were printed. Additionally, 1.8 lakh tickets of each of the other lotteries are being printed daily.

Traditionally, during festive seasons, all printed lottery tickets would sell out before the drawing time at 3 pm. Lottery sellers anticipated this trend to continue, especially with the coinciding festivals. However, sales did not meet expectations.

The Vishu bumper, which offers a first prize of Rs 12 crore, is currently on sale. Reports indicate that sales have not gained the expected momentum, even after three weeks of rollout. The drop in sales is attributed to elections and rising temperatures.

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