UAE Authorities Issue Warning as Heavy Rains Cause Chaos, Schools Shift to Online Learning

The recent heavy rains and subsequent waterlogging in the UAE have prompted the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA) to issue a special alert. Citizens are urged to stay indoors unless it’s an emergency, while vehicles are advised to be parked in safe, elevated areas away from flood-prone zones. As a precautionary measure, all schools have transitioned to online classes, and government employees have been instructed to work from home on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The aftermath of the heavy downpour has led to widespread flooding in many emirates, with videos circulating on social media showing vehicles navigating through waterlogged streets. Hailstorms have also caused damage, with reports of cracked window panes on vehicles. Additionally, the region has experienced intense lightning and thunder, resulting in disruptions to electricity.

This latest warning comes as the second alert issued by authorities in the last two months, reflecting the severity of the situation. Moreover, driving in hilly areas has been temporarily prohibited to ensure public safety amidst the adverse weather conditions.

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