Gold Prices Remain Steady at Record High, Check Rates on April 17

Gold prices have held steady in the state, with one sovereign of gold maintaining its price at Rs 54,360 on Wednesday, unchanged from the previous day. The price of one gram of gold also remains unchanged at Rs 7,134. The month of April saw gold prices surpassing Rs 50,000 for one sovereign, with a slight dip to Rs 50,680 on April 2. Meanwhile, the price of one gram of sand has decreased to Rs 89 from Rs 90.50 on Tuesday, while silver is priced at Rs 89,000 per kilogram. Economic uncertainty has led large investors and central banks to shift their investments to gold, considering it a safe option. Internationally, gold prices are trading close to $2,400 per ounce, indicating a bullish trend. If the current trend persists, the price of one sovereign of gold may exceed Rs 55,000 by the end of the month. Currently, purchasing one sovereign of gold can cost up to Rs 60,000, inclusive of labor charges, GST, and cess. Below is a summary of gold prices in April for 22-carat gold:

April 17: Rs 54,360

April 16: Rs 54,360

April 15: Rs 53,640

April 14: Rs 53,200

April 13: Rs 53,200

April 12: Rs 53,760

April 11: Rs 52,960

April 10: Rs 52,880

April 09: Rs 52,800

April 08: Rs 52,520

April 07: Rs 52,280

April 06: Rs 52,280

April 05: Rs 51,320

April 04: Rs 51,680

April 03: Rs 51,280

April 02: Rs 50,680

April 01: Rs 50,880

These prices indicate a consistent upward trend in gold rates throughout the month.

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