Heavy Floods Hit Dubai: Over 50 Flights Cancelled, Death Toll in Oman Touches 18

Torrential rain has wreaked havoc in the Gulf region, causing heavy flooding in Dubai and leaving a trail of destruction across Oman. In Dubai, roads, homes, and malls were inundated, disrupting daily life and prompting the cancellation of over 50 flights at the city’s airport.

The situation in Oman is even more dire, with at least 18 people reported dead and dozens more stranded due to the floods. Among the casualties are nine schoolchildren and three adults whose vehicles were swept away in flash floods.

In Dubai, flagship shopping centers like Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates were flooded, while ankle-deep water was reported at a Dubai Metro station. The heavy storms paralyzed the city and led to the temporary suspension of operations at Dubai’s airport for 25 minutes.

The UAE, Bahrain, and Qatar also experienced heavy rainfall and flooding, with schools closed and residents urged to take precautions. Climate change has been cited as a factor contributing to the increasing frequency and intensity of such extreme weather events.

While the storms have caused widespread disruption and devastation, efforts are underway to manage the aftermath and ensure the safety of residents in the affected areas.

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