Rising Fish Consumption Trend Among Malayalees Revealed by Study

A recent study conducted by the national fisheries department sheds light on the increasing trend of fish consumption among Malayalees. The study indicates that the average fish consumption per individual in Kerala has witnessed a steady rise, reaching 20.65 kg in the year 2022-23. This marks a notable increase compared to the previous two years, where the average consumption stood at 19.53 kg in 2021-22 and 18.49 kg in 2020-21.

Interestingly, Tripura emerges as the state with the highest fish consumption in India, showcasing the cultural significance of fish as a dietary staple across various regions.

Among the preferred fish varieties among Malayalees are Mackerel (Ayala), Sardines (Mathi), Anchovy (Natholi), and Pink Perch (Kilimeen). To meet the growing demand, government initiatives have been introduced to facilitate the distribution of fish, extending beyond traditional marketplaces to include street vendors and roadside sellers.

Moreover, there has been a noticeable surge in the patronage of hotels and restaurants offering seafood delicacies, particularly those operated by Matsyafed, indicating a broader culinary appreciation for fish-based dishes among the populace. This upward trend in fish consumption not only reflects evolving dietary preferences but also underscores the integral role of fish in Kerala’s culinary heritage and cultural identity.

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