YouTube Announces Crackdown on Third-Party Ad-Blocking Apps

YouTube has declared its intention to crack down on third-party apps that block in-video ads on its platform, confirming that it will take “appropriate action” against such apps. In a recent announcement, the company emphasized its commitment to enforcing its terms of service for API services and encouraged viewers to consider subscribing to YouTube Premium for an ad-free experience.

The move comes as part of a broader effort to combat ad-blocking apps, with YouTube warning users that using these apps may result in buffering issues or error messages when attempting to watch videos. The company underscored the importance of ads in supporting creators and maintaining the platform’s monetization model, which enables billions of users worldwide to access YouTube for free.

Highlighting the benefits of YouTube Premium, the company urged users seeking an ad-free experience to consider subscribing to the paid plan, which also offers additional features such as background playback and offline viewing. YouTube reiterated its commitment to protecting its platform, creators, and viewers by taking action against apps that violate its terms of service.

In India, YouTube Premium plans start at Rs. 79 per month for students, with the base plan priced at Rs. 129 per month for most users. However, the most affordable option for monthly access requires users to subscribe to a 12-month prepaid plan, costing Rs. 1,290 upfront.

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