US Blocks Resolution Backing Palestine’s Full UN Membership

The United States has vetoed a United Nations resolution that aimed to facilitate full membership for Palestine within the UN, a longstanding goal pursued by Palestinians but opposed by Israel. The vote in the Security Council saw 12 members in favor, with the US dissenting and two abstentions from the United Kingdom and Switzerland. The resolution’s failure to pass reflects both the increasing international recognition of Palestinian statehood and global support for Palestinians amidst a humanitarian crisis stemming from the Gaza conflict.

The resolution sought to recommend Palestine’s admission as the 194th member of the UN General Assembly, where veto powers are not applicable. Despite significant recognition from 140 countries, the US justified its veto as a stance against premature actions, emphasizing the necessity of direct negotiations between involved parties for Palestinian statehood. This marks the second attempt by Palestine for full membership, coinciding with renewed focus on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict heightened by the ongoing Gaza war.

Palestinian representatives remained resolute, asserting the inevitability of Palestinian statehood despite setbacks. They underscored past successes in elevating their status within the UN and emphasized the necessity of inclusion for achieving peace. Conversely, Israeli diplomats criticized the resolution as detached from ground realities and warned of its potential to impede future dialogue. Despite the Palestinian bid’s failure to meet UN membership criteria, the Israeli delegation expressed concern over perceived international support for Palestine’s aspirations, citing implications for future peace efforts.

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