Delayed Restrictions Diminish Iconic Thrissur Pooram Fireworks to Smoke

The renowned fireworks spectacle of the Thrissur Pooram festival faded into mere wisps of smoke on Saturday morning, a consequence of extended delays caused by police restrictions. Typically illuminating the night sky with vibrant colors, this year’s display was diminished due to altered timings resulting from the prolonged festivities.

The fireworks began with the Paramekkavu faction shortly after 7 am, followed by the Thiruvambady faction. However, the delay in the proceedings led to a subdued display, with the fireworks reduced to faint trails of smoke under the daylight.

The disruptions began on Friday during the procession when police barricades halted the Thiruvambady section’s activities, prompting protests and historic actions like switching off lights at the Pooram panthal. The Paramekkavil section also faced similar issues, causing significant disturbances.

As a result of negotiations with Minister K Rajan, the Thiruvambady faction agreed to conduct their fireworks after Paramekkavu in the morning. This agreement led to the resumption of festivities, albeit with altered plans and subdued fireworks.

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