KEAM Entrance Exam to Transition Online, Decision Pending

The Engineering and Pharmacy Entrance Examination (KEAM) is set to undergo a significant transition as it moves online this year, potentially spanning six sessions. Scheduled from June 1 to 9, efforts are being made to condense the exam into three days, contingent on the availability of twenty thousand computers. A final decision regarding the logistics will be made on the 25th.

With plans to utilize 200 centers, including engineering colleges and schools, the exam aims to accommodate 65007 applicants for engineering, 28763 for engineering and pharmacy, and 18671 for pharmacy alone. Utilizing C-DIT’s software, the online exam will consist of a single three-hour session, featuring 150 questions: 75 from Mathematics, 45 from Physics, and 30 from Chemistry. Notably, Physics and Chemistry scores will be pivotal for BPharm admissions.

Candidates applying solely for pharmacy will have a condensed one-and-a-half-hour exam with 75 questions. Post-exam, admissions are expected to proceed swiftly following result declaration. The rank list will be meticulously compiled, granting equal weight to scores in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics in Plus Two examinations alongside performance in the entrance exam.

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