Navakerala Bus Repurposed for Public Transport on Kozhikode-Bengaluru Route

The iconic Navakerala bus, previously reserved for the Kerala Chief Minister and ministers during Navakerala Sadas, is undergoing a transformation to serve the public on the bustling Kozhikode-Bengaluru route. Transport Minister KB Ganesh Kumar, intent on reshaping policies, has redirected the fate of the luxury coach. Rather than leasing it for budget tourism, plans are underway to operate it as a public transport service.

Efforts are being made to procure a state carriage permit for the bus, transitioning it from its previous contract carriage status. After undergoing maintenance in Bengaluru following the conclusion of Navakerala Sadas, the bus is poised for its new role.

Equipped with essential facilities, the 25-seater bus boasts amenities such as a lift, wash basin, and bathroom. It features 25 pushback seats, an additional seat for the conductor, as well as entertainment options like a TV and music system. Moreover, the seating arrangement allows for extra space for luggage. Approximately Rs 2 lakh was invested in refurbishing the bus, including seat modifications and other enhancements.

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