Bird Flu Outbreak: Kerala-Tamil Nadu Border on High Alert

Following the outbreak of bird flu in Alappuzha, districts along the Tamil Nadu and Kerala borders are on high alert. Twelve check posts, including Anaikatti, Gopalapuram, and Walayar, along with various locations in Kanyakumari and Theni districts, are under strict surveillance by the Health and Animal Husbandry Departments.

Vehicles passing through these areas, including those transporting goods, undergo thorough monitoring round the clock. They are allowed to proceed only after inspection and disinfectant spraying. The Kerala Health Department has initiated measures to prevent the spread of bird flu, urging prompt reporting of symptoms to health authorities.

In Tamil Nadu, Animal Husbandry officials have heightened vigilance whenever bird flu cases are reported in neighbouring states. They are prohibiting the transportation of poultry and animals across check posts.

In response to the outbreak, Kerala’s Health Department has culled 21,000 ducks in Alappuzha’s Edathua and Cheruthana panchayats. Additionally, domestic birds within a one-kilometre radius of these areas have been culled to prevent further spread.

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