Easier Access to Voter Slips: EC Introduces Mobile Download Option

The Election Commission (EC) has introduced a convenient way for voters to access their Voter Information Slips (VIS) directly on their phones. These slips issued by the ECI contain vital information such as the voter’s name, age, polling station details, and the date and time of the poll.

Now, voters can effortlessly download their voter slips to their mobile phones by sending a simple SMS. By texting ‘ECI <space> Voter ID number’ to 1950, voters will receive the necessary details within 15 seconds. This includes the voter’s name, part number, and serial number, making it easier for them to prepare for the upcoming elections.

Previously, voter slips were distributed to residents by Booth Level Officers (BLOs). However, with the introduction of this mobile download option, voters have a more accessible and efficient way to obtain their essential voting information. This initiative by the EC aims to streamline the process and enhance voter convenience ahead of elections.

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