UAE Hit by Heaviest Rainfall in 75 Years: Expatriates Forced to Evacuate Apartments

UAE recently experienced some of the most severe rainfall in its history, causing widespread chaos and displacement among residents, particularly expatriates. The desert nation, unaccustomed to such heavy downpours, struggled to cope with the deluge, leading to a cascade of challenges for its inhabitants.

As the rain relentlessly poured down, hundreds of people sought refuge in airports, malls, metro stations, and even their vehicles to evade potential disasters. However, the torrential rain brought about power outages, waterlogging in residential areas, and a scarcity of potable water, exacerbating the already dire situation.

For many expatriates, the aftermath of the floods became untenable as numerous apartment buildings in the region became dangerously tilted due to the inundation. This alarming development forced authorities to evacuate hundreds of families from a high-rise building in Muhaisnah, Dubai, after it was discovered to be leaning precariously.

Residents recounted feeling as though they were experiencing an earthquake as their building shifted suddenly, prompting fears of imminent collapse. Even days after the rain subsided, water persisted in the basements of many apartments, with vehicles still afloat in the flooded areas.

The impact of the rainfall extended beyond residential areas, with prominent landmarks such as Dubai Mall and the Mall of Emirates also affected by water ingress. Additionally, traffic on Sheikh Zayed Road, the main highway in Dubai, ground to a halt for hours, further disrupting normalcy in the city.

The severity of the situation prompted the suspension of flight services, with many flights diverted to alternative destinations to manage the chaos. As UAE grapples with the aftermath of this unprecedented rainfall, the resilience of its residents is being tested amidst the challenges posed by nature’s fury.

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