KSRTC Contemplates Reintroducing Single-Duty System Amid Protests

The Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) is once again at the center of controversy as it considers reintroducing the single-duty system, a reform that had previously faced failure. This decision has sparked protests from employee unions, highlighting the contentious nature of the proposed change.

Initially introduced at the Parassala depot with the intention of enhancing KSRTC’s profitability, the single-duty system ultimately fell short of expectations. It was met with resistance from employees, leading to its eventual abandonment. Despite the past challenges and financial setbacks associated with this reform, KSRTC is now deliberating on its reinstatement.

However, the prospect of reintroducing the single-duty system has been met with strong opposition, particularly from union representatives who express concerns about its potential adverse impact on workers and the corporation’s financial stability.

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