Travancore Devaswom Board Plans Solar Power Project at Sabarimala

The Travancore Devaswom Board (TDB) is gearing up to implement a solar power project at the revered Sabarimala Temple, anticipating significant cost savings. The board estimates that this initiative could result in an annual saving of approximately Rs 10 crore on electricity charges alone. During the peak pilgrimage season at Sabarimala, the board reportedly incurs a substantial expense of Rs 3 crore solely on electricity bills. To execute this solar energy endeavor at Sabarimala, the board has earmarked a budget of Rs 10 crore.

In a bid to kickstart the project, the state budget has allocated Rs 50 lakh specifically for implementing solar power initiatives not only at Sabarimala but also at 26 other temples across the state. As part of its proactive approach, the board has already installed solar panels at its headquarters in Thiruvananthapuram, generating 40 kilowatts of electricity. Furthermore, efforts are underway to secure sponsorship for the Sabarimala project, with plans to engage potential investors willing to contribute Rs 10 crore. Previously, during the tenure of N. Vasu as TDB president, an institute in Hyderabad had shown interest in supporting the project. However, progress was impeded following a change in the governing body.

The installation of solar power plants at Sabarimala and other temples will be facilitated by the ‘Agency for New and Renewable Energy Research and Technology’ (ANERT), an autonomous body under the Kerala government. This initiative not only underscores the TDB’s commitment to sustainable energy practices but also aligns with broader efforts to promote renewable energy utilization across the state.

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