12 Alternate ID Cards for Casting Your Vote in Kerala’s Lok Sabha Elections

As Kerala prepares for the 18th Lok Sabha Elections on April 26, the Information and Public Relations Department has unveiled a comprehensive list of alternate identity cards that voters can utilize to exercise their franchise. In the event of voters being unable to locate their Election Commission-issued photo ID card (EPIC), they have the option to present their Aadhar card as a valid proof of identity. Additionally, the MNREGA Job Card under the National Employment Guarantee Scheme stands as another viable alternative for voter identification purposes.

Moreover, voters can rely on various other documents, such as bank passbooks featuring a photograph, Health Insurance Smart Cards from the Ministry of Labour, and driving licences. The list extends to include PAN cards, Smart Cards issued by the Registrar General of India, and Indian passports. Furthermore, pension documents with a photograph, photo ID cards issued to central/state employees and public sector undertakings, and official identity cards for Members of Parliament, Legislative Assemblies, and Legislative Councils are all recognized alternatives. Notably, citizens with disabilities can present their disability identification cards (UDID) at polling booths to cast their votes. Chief Electoral Officer Sanjay Kaul emphasized the importance of utilizing these approved alternate photo IDs, underscoring the significance of every citizen’s role in nation-building through active participation in the electoral process.

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