Gold Prices Fluctuate: Latest Updates for April 24

The price of gold in the state experienced a significant surge, rising by Rs 360 per one sovereign on Wednesday. Currently, one sovereign gold is priced at Rs 53,280, while one gram of gold costs Rs 6,946. Just the previous day, the price of one sovereign gold had fallen by Rs 1,120 to Rs 52,920. Earlier in April, the price of one sovereign of gold had surpassed Rs 50,000.

April witnessed fluctuations in gold prices, with the highest recorded on April 19 at Rs 54,520 for one pavan gold, while the lowest rate was recorded on April 2 at Rs 50,680. Additionally, the price of silver stands at Rs 89 per gram and Rs 86,400 per kilogram.

Internationally, the price of gold is trading at $2,350 per ounce, influenced by the rise in US bond prices. Investors pulled money out of gold as the threat of inflation strengthened, leading to the expectation that key interest rates in the United States will not be cut in the near future.

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