Intense Campaigning for Kerala LS Polls Reaches Climax

With just one day remaining before the Lok Sabha polls in Kerala, the exhaustive two-month-long election campaign is drawing to a close. Kerala is set to elect 20 new Lok Sabha members, with all candidates making their final appeals to voters. In the 2019 polls, the Congress-led UDF secured a significant victory, winning 19 seats with a vote share of 47.48%, while the CPI(M)-led Left Front managed only one seat with 36.29% votes, and the BJP garnered 15.64% vote share.

As campaigning wraps up, candidates are engaged in last-minute efforts to sway voters, particularly in constituencies where three-way battles are expected. However, analysts suggest that the traditional notion that BJP votes benefit the Left might not hold true this time. Close contests are anticipated in several constituencies, with even minor swings potentially determining the outcome. The votes of minority communities are seen as crucial in tipping the scales in favor of either the Left or the UDF, highlighting the significance of every vote cast in Kerala’s electoral landscape.

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