WhatsApp Enhancing Nearby File Sharing Feature for Android Users

WhatsApp is reportedly ramping up efforts to refine its nearby file-sharing feature for Android users. This feature, utilizing Bluetooth technology for file transfers, has been in development for some time and was initially reported in January 2024. Despite not yet appearing in the beta version of the app, recent reports suggest that WhatsApp is actively enhancing the feature, with a potential beta rollout on the horizon. Alongside this development, the company is also said to be working on introducing a Favourites tab.

According to findings by the WhatsApp feature tracker WABetaInfo, the latest WhatsApp beta for Android (version build) includes additional improvements to the nearby file-sharing feature. Although not visible to beta testers at present, the feature entails a detailed permissions screen outlining the required accesses, such as photos, media, files, Bluetooth, and location. These permissions are crucial for facilitating seamless file sharing among nearby users, ensuring a smooth and secure transfer process. Once permissions are granted, users can discover and exchange files with nearby contacts without relying on internet connectivity, with WhatsApp emphasizing end-to-end encryption and user privacy protection. This feature presents a promising alternative for sharing large files, particularly in scenarios with unstable networks or limited data availability. As development nears completion, beta testers may soon access the feature through upcoming updates, offering Android users a convenient and data-efficient file-sharing solution.

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