Surge in Job Opportunities for Fresh Graduates in India’s Manufacturing Sector

A recent report reveals a significant surge in job opportunities for fresh graduates within India’s manufacturing sector. The intent to hire fresh talent has risen to 48 per cent in the first half of 2024, marking a notable increase of seven per cent from the previous half-year period. This surge is attributed to heightened capital investments and increased merger and acquisition activities, particularly within the automobile, electronics, and textile domains.

Shantanu Rooj, Founder and CEO of TeamLease Edtech, emphasizes the momentum driving the sector forward due to investments and technological advancements. He highlights the exciting opportunity for young talent to contribute meaningfully to India’s industrial resurgence.

The report, based on data from 377 companies across 18 sectors throughout India, identifies key roles in demand, including product designers, automation engineers, embedded engineers, mechanical engineers, and quality assurance assistants. Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Gurugram emerge as hotspots for various engineering roles, with significant demand observed in these cities. Additionally, smaller cities like Chandigarh and Nagpur showcase notable requirements, indicating a broader scope for job seekers beyond traditional Tier 1 cities.

Jaideep Kewalramani, Head of Employability Business and COO at TeamLease Edtech, underscores the unique opportunity for job seekers to explore sectoral demand in smaller cities, offering a diverse landscape for career growth.

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