WhatsApp Introduces Offline Photo Sharing Feature to Compete with Telegram

WhatsApp is rolling out a new feature that allows users to share photos, documents, and videos without requiring an internet connection, aiming to rival Telegram’s functionality. This move comes as WhatsApp seeks to regain user trust and address privacy concerns following recent controversies. The feature, currently in testing, will enable users to share files via Bluetooth, ensuring end-to-end encryption for enhanced privacy.

To utilize the feature, users need to enable the ‘People Nearby’ icon in their photo sender and receiver settings, which functions similar to Bluetooth. Both parties must agree to the file transfer, ensuring secure communication. WhatsApp emphasizes that this offline sharing capability enhances user privacy and enables file transfers even in areas with no internet connectivity.

This development signals WhatsApp’s efforts to appeal to younger users, who have increasingly turned to Telegram for its file-sharing capabilities and streamlined interface. WhatsApp aims to address user distractions by introducing reforms such as hidden groups for serious discussions and AI-powered stickers, further enhancing its appeal among diverse user demographics.

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