Kerala Voter Turnout Reaches 70.35%; Polling Extended Till Midnight in Some Constituencies

The voter turnout in Kerala’s elections to 20 Lok Sabha constituencies reached 70.35% by 9 pm, with polling extending late into the night in several areas, including Vadakara, Malappuram, and Kannur. However, the prolonged polling duration was marred by alleged voting machine malfunctions and slow-paced voting processes.

Due to the reported issues, many voters, including women, were unable to cast their votes despite arriving at the booths before the official closing time of 6 pm. There were allegations of forced open voting in certain constituencies, while others accused authorities of intentionally slowing down the polling process to discourage voters.

Despite the challenges, no adverse events were initially reported. However, tragically, ten individuals, including a booth agent, collapsed and died amid the extreme heat. This marked the first instance of such fatalities occurring during polling in the state.

Key statistics revealed a significant drop in polling compared to the previous Lok Sabha elections, with a turnout of 70.35% in 2024 compared to 77.67% in 2019. The total number of voters stood at 2.77 crore, with the voting progress steadily increasing throughout the day.

Notable political figures, including Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and Opposition Leader VD Satheesan, cast their votes in Kannur and Ernakulam, respectively. The intense heat posed challenges for voters, contributing to the overall difficulties experienced during the polling process.

Moreover, specific constituency-wise data highlighted variations in turnout percentages, with Kannur leading the pack at 75.32% and Pathanamthitta recording a lower percentage at 63.32%. These figures underscore the diverse voting patterns across different regions of Kerala.

Despite the challenges and unfortunate incidents, the electoral process continued, with sealed voting machines placed under tight security at polling stations. The results of the elections are anticipated to be announced on June 4, reflecting the collective voice of Kerala’s electorate.

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