Importance of Hydration in Surviving Kerala’s Summer Heat

As various weather forecast agencies warn of an impending heatwave in South India, particularly in Kerala, the Kerala State Disaster Management Authority (KSDMA) has issued alerts, predicting temperatures as high as 41 degrees Celsius in Palakkad and 40 degrees Celsius in Kollam and Thrissur this week. The combination of elevated temperatures and humidity increases the risk of heat-related illnesses, emphasizing the importance of staying cool and hydrated.

Experts highlight the following recommendations to cope with the anticipated heat:

Maintaining adequate hydration is crucial to prevent heat-related complications, as dehydration poses significant risks.

When ambient temperatures surpass 40 degrees Celsius, there’s an increased risk of hyperthermia (elevated body temperature), potentially leading to heatstroke.

Sweating results in the loss of electrolytes, disrupting the body’s balance, emphasizing the need for replenishment.

Merely drinking water when thirsty may not suffice during hot weather, especially for outdoor workers who may not feel thirsty until dehydration has already occurred.

Hydration is vital for preventing heatstroke, and ensuring the cleanliness of water sources is essential to avoid waterborne diseases.

Excessive alcohol consumption during hot weather exacerbates dehydration and should be avoided, particularly as it affects organ function.

Individuals with diabetes, receiving palliative care, or with high blood pressure require special attention to prevent dehydration-related complications.

Consuming electrolyte-rich drinks and hydrating fruits like watermelon and cucumber can help maintain electrolyte balance and hydration levels.

Regular hydration throughout the day, consumption of electrolyte-rich beverages, and incorporating water-rich fruits into the diet are essential strategies to combat the adverse effects of Kerala’s scorching summer temperatures.

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