Orange Alert for Heatwave in Palakkad: Educational Institutions Closed Until May 4

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued an orange alert for Palakkad on Monday due to the prevailing heatwave conditions in several areas of the district. Palakkad is expected to experience a maximum temperature of around 41 degrees Celsius, prompting authorities to take precautionary measures. Additionally, a yellow alert has been issued for Kollam and Thrissur districts, where temperatures have touched 40 degrees Celsius.

In response to the heatwave, Palakkad District Collector Dr. S Chithra has ordered the closure of all educational institutions, including professional colleges, until Thursday, May 4. Additional and summer classes are also restricted during this period, with strict action promised against any violations of the order.

Concerns have been raised for workers engaged in construction, cleaning, and MNREGS activities, with caution advised against working outdoors between 11 am to 3 pm due to the risk of heatstroke. Authorities have also directed to ensure an adequate supply of drinking water in public places such as hospitals.

According to the IMD alert, maximum temperatures are expected to remain significantly above normal across various districts of Kerala until May 3. Tragically, two individuals succumbed to heatstroke in Palakkad and Kannur on Sunday, prompting the Kerala State Disaster Management Authority to issue a public health advisory. The public is urged to stay indoors during the peak daytime hours and to stay hydrated.

The advisory includes several safety guidelines such as avoiding outdoor activities during the day, drinking plenty of water, carrying umbrellas, taking breaks during outdoor work, and ensuring proper ventilation in homes and offices. Additionally, precautions against leaving children or pets in parked vehicles and avoiding consumption of dehydrating beverages during the daytime have been emphasized.

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