Sweltering Heat Accompanies 129 Weddings at Guruvayur Temple

On a scorching Sunday, Guruvayur temple became the venue for a flurry of wedding ceremonies, witnessing the union of 129 couples within its sacred precincts. Despite the oppressive heat, the temple grounds buzzed with activity as devotees, both wedding participants and those seeking solace in prayer, hurried along the pathways. However, the intense heat posed challenges, particularly for young children, who struggled with the soaring temperatures, resulting in discomfort and tears.

As the newlyweds emerged from the wedding hall after the ‘Thaalikettu’ ceremony, they were visibly sweating due to the lack of fans in the wedding pavilions. Despite the presence of coolers, the absence of fans added to the discomfort experienced by both the wedding parties and the devotees. While some fans along the pathways provided relief, concerns were raised about the insufficient cooling facilities, especially along the main walkway. Devotees expressed their grievances to the Devaswom authorities, urging them to address the urgent need for additional fans to alleviate the challenging conditions.

Despite the weather challenges, the temple experienced a significant turnout of devotees opting for special darshan without queuing. On Sunday alone, more than 1,800 individuals availed the ‘Neyvilakku receipt’ for darshan without waiting in line, contributing to an income exceeding Rs 20 lakhs. Furthermore, the ritual of ‘Tulaabharam’ generated revenue of Rs 16 lakhs, while 452 children participated in the ‘Choroonu’ rice ceremony. The offering of ‘Paal paayasam’ (milk-rice pudding) amounted to a generous sum of five and a half lakh rupees.

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