Addressing Power Consumption Surge: Kerala’s Urgent Call for Electricity Conservation

Amidst soaring temperatures and a surge in power consumption, the Kerala state government is urging residents to conserve electricity to alleviate strain on the power infrastructure. Kerala Electricity Minister K Krishnankutty emphasized the need for restraint in electricity usage, citing frequent power cuts occurring at night due to technical issues arising from increased consumption. With rising temperatures prompting prolonged use of air conditioners, substations are becoming overloaded, leading to safety measures such as electricity supply tripping.

Krishnankutty highlighted the importance of limiting AC usage hours to prevent overloads, stating that on April 29 alone, electricity consumption surpassed ideal levels, reaching 113.14 million units. He emphasized that exercising restraint could eliminate the need for load shedding by the Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB). However, public frustration has surfaced in response to prolonged power cuts, leading to protests in various parts of the state, including Palarivattom and Malappuram districts.

Addressing concerns raised by residents, Krishnankutty emphasized the necessity of balancing power demand and infrastructure capacity. He pointed out a surge in AC sales and excessive AC usage as contributing factors to the strain on substations. The Minister also highlighted challenges in establishing additional substations due to opposition from residents, underscoring the need for a collaborative approach to address the issue. The government plans to review the power situation in a meeting on May 2, with decisions expected to be made to mitigate the challenges faced until June 30.

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