AstraZeneca Acknowledges Rare Side Effect of Covishield Vaccine in UK Court

AstraZeneca, the manufacturer of the Covishield COVID-19 vaccine, has admitted, in legal filings submitted to the UK High Court, the potential for a rare side effect known as Thrombosis with Thrombocytopenia Syndrome (TTS). This syndrome, which can lead to blood clots and low blood platelet count, has been linked to the vaccine in very rare cases.

The acknowledgment by AstraZeneca may have significant legal implications, as the pharmaceutical company faces multiple class action lawsuits alleging serious injuries or fatalities caused by its vaccine. One such lawsuit, filed by Jamie Scott, who suffered permanent brain injury after receiving the vaccine, is among 51 cases seeking damages totaling up to £100 million.

Previously, AstraZeneca had denied a link between TTS and the vaccine, but in a document submitted this year, the company admitted that the vaccine can cause TTS in very rare cases. Despite these admissions, AstraZeneca denies allegations of vaccine defectiveness and overstated efficacy.

Jamie Scott’s wife welcomed the acknowledgment by medical authorities but stressed the need for prompt action, including fair compensation for affected families. She emphasized their determination to seek justice and resolution in light of the truth revealed.

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