Gavi Reopens: KSRTC Resumes Trips from All Units

Gavi, a renowned tourism destination in Kerala, has reopened its doors to visitors after a temporary closure, signaling the resumption of KSRTC’s Gavi trips. The decision comes as a relief for travelers seeking relief from the summer heat.

The Forest Department’s temporary suspension of tourist activities in Gavi was prompted by concerns about potential forest fires. However, this move faced opposition from tourists and locals alike, highlighting Gavi’s importance as a popular destination, particularly during the summer vacation season. The hiatus in tourist arrivals also had a significant economic impact on the livelihoods of many individuals employed in the tourism industry.

Gavi is a key destination for budget tourism packages offered by KSRTC, with approximately a thousand trips to Gavi scheduled in a short period. The KSRTC bus departs from Pathanamthitta at 7:00 am and returns by 8:30 pm, covering entry fees, boating, lunch, and travel fare for a nominal fee of Rs 1300. Travelers can enjoy scenic views of forests and dams such as Moozhiyar, Kakki-Aanathode, and Pampa, as well as engage in activities like boating and lunch at Kochu Pampa, before returning via Vandiperiyar after a stop at Parunthumpara.

KSRTC offers trips to Gavi from all units across Kerala, transporting travelers from regions like Thiruvananthapuram, Ernakulam, and Kozhikode to Pathanamthitta and then onward to Gavi by bus the following day. Sightseeing opportunities along the journey to Gavi begin from Kochandi, Seethathodu, with the 60-kilometer forest journey offering glimpses of hills inhabited by elephants and various wildlife species. With Gavi’s reopening, KSRTC has shared details of its trips from all units on its Facebook page.

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