Coffee Prices Surge Amid Harsh Summer, Farmers Face Dismal Harvest Prospects

The recent surge in coffee prices fails to bring cheer to farmers in Wayanad, Coorg, and Nilgiri regions, who are grappling with the harsh impacts of an extremely dry summer. The absence of essential summer showers has left coffee plants wilting, jeopardizing the upcoming harvest season. Typically, coffee plants require specific rainfall patterns for blooming and ripening of berries, yet the majority of growing regions have not received adequate precipitation. Only a few growers with irrigation facilities have been able to mitigate the effects of the drought.

Despite the record-high farm gate prices for Robusta coffee, constituting a significant portion of Kerala’s production, farmers remain disheartened. George Daniel, Deputy Director of the Regional Coffee Research Station, attributes the situation to the ‘El Nino’ phenomenon and the lack of persistent rainfall. With water sources drying up and irrigation becoming essential, farmers without adequate facilities face significant challenges. Experts anticipate a slump in production, with assessments expected by June once the berries begin ripening.

Rajan Glenora, a coffee planter in Vaduvanchal, highlights the severity of the situation, noting the complete absence of rainfall in the Meppadi coffee belt. Data from the Regional Agriculture Research Station underscores the stark difference in rainfall patterns this year compared to previous years, indicating a challenging season ahead for coffee farmers in the region.

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