Elon Musk Chooses August 8 for Tesla Robotaxi Launch Due to Chinese Lucky Number

Elon Musk recently announced that Tesla’s robotaxi launch will take place on August 8, citing the auspiciousness of the date in Chinese culture. Musk, who visited China recently, revealed that 8/8 holds significance as a lucky number in the country. This decision coincides with a surge in Tesla’s stock following reports of approval for deploying the company’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) autonomous software in China.

The selection of August 8 garnered attention, with Musk confirming the choice was influenced by the cultural significance of the date in China. Additionally, he shared that August 8 holds personal significance as the birthday of his triplets, who turned 17 this year. The announcement of the robotaxi launch has generated excitement among Tesla enthusiasts, particularly given the anticipation surrounding the development of autonomous vehicles.

While Tesla had initially aimed for robotaxis to be operational by 2020, delays pushed back the timeline. However, recent developments, including gaining approval for FSD deployment and securing a data deal with Chinese tech giant Baidu, signal significant progress in Tesla’s autonomous driving endeavors. Musk’s decision to align the launch with an auspicious date reflects the company’s strategic approach and cultural awareness in the Chinese market.

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