Heatwave Hits Ooty: Tourists Advised Caution as Temperatures Soar

Travelers seeking respite in the picturesque hills of Ooty are in for an unexpected challenge as soaring temperatures cast a heatwave over the region. With the temperature hitting 29 degrees Celsius, Ooty experienced its hottest day since 1951, a stark contrast to last year’s maximum temperature of only 20 degrees Celsius. The uncharacteristic heatwave has caught locals and tourists off guard, with Monday’s temperatures in nearby Kodaikanal also surpassing 26 degrees Celsius.

Typically, Ooty enjoys moderate temperatures ranging from 20 to 24 degrees Celsius during this time of year. However, this deviation from the norm has prompted authorities to issue warnings to visitors, urging them to take precautions against the heat. Despite the scorching daytime temperatures, the nights offer some relief, with temperatures dipping to a comfortable 12 degrees Celsius, allowing tourists to rest comfortably under covers.

The upcoming Ooty Flower Festival, scheduled from May 10 to 20, is expected to attract a surge in tourists to the region. To manage the anticipated influx, traffic restrictions have been enforced in Ooty since May 1.

Despite the heatwave, tourist arrivals remain the same, according to Fakhruddin, manager of a lodge near Ooty Lake. He noted that the number of visitors has remained high, with expectations of further increases during the flower show festivities. However, the surge in demand has led to a surge in lodge prices, with rates doubling or even tripling.

Meanwhile, Zakir, a Malayali hotelier in Ooty, highlighted a pressing issue aggravated by the heatwave: a severe shortage of drinking water. Hotels and establishments in the area are reliant on water deliveries via tanker lorries to meet their needs.

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