Honouring Workers’ Struggles: May Day Remembrance

Today marks another May 1, a day dedicated to recognizing the tireless efforts and sacrifices of workers worldwide. Known as International Labour Day or May Day, it serves as a poignant reminder of the historic labour movement that fought for the rights and dignity of the working class. Across the globe, various labour organizations lead the observance, paying tribute to those who bravely advocated for better working conditions and fair treatment.

In Kerala, extensive programs are underway, organized by labour and employee associations. Workplaces are adorned with decorations, and flags are proudly hoisted in the morning. Rallies and public meetings are scheduled in major centers, providing a platform for leaders to address pressing issues facing workers today. As we commemorate May Day, we honour the legacy of those who dedicated their lives to securing the rights and welfare of workers, ensuring their contributions are never forgotten.

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